Community Projects

Strategenics was born from of a deep desire to help other people achieve their potential. We care for people as we value diversity. In this age of exponential economic and technology disruption, we must act fast to ensure humanity enjoys a safe and happy future. Our team are therefore committed to make a positive global impact and we are collectively invested to deliver our three core business strategies.

Community Projects

Here are some of Strategenics' community orientated projects

Creating Opportunities for Young Women

Strategenics offered to support Bella by providing the team the opportunity to participate in a workshop that would help create a new path for the future – doing more with less. Strategenics was instrumental in giving the Bella team confidence to go fully digital and to maximise its online presence.

Bella Magazine, through the help, support and encouragement of Strategenics gained hope and capacity to reach more young women with their message of empowerment and recognition of young women’s value, beauty and purpose.

Join the Drive to save lives

Strategenics is an avid supporter of the Queensland Government’s safe driving initiative ‘Join the Drive to save lives’.

We not only want to get the word out about safe driving, we have developed a suggested safe driving solution for this great initiative. Read more about how we think technology can play a pivotal role towards the future road safety in our community.

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Celebrate at Reflections

This year Strategenics held celebrations for the first time at Reflections - Lake Cooby. It was a family event with staff bringing their partners and children to the picturesque glamping venue. The rustic barn was adorned with all things festive including obligatory...

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Brisbane’s latest innovation hub

Overlooking Brisbane’s Queen Street Mall, The Capital is the result of a major Brisbane City Council initiative to turn the city into an entrepreneurial and innovation hub. Strategenics accepted the invitation to take part in The Capital's open-day tour with anchor...

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