TMR Citizens' Taskforce

Core to Strategenics is advancing the community in which we live. We are on a mission to help individuals, organisations and the community reach their potential and we strongly support initiatives to solve social issues, such as dangerous driving.

As a result, Strategenics has developed an innovative way of encouraging safer driving habits within the community. We believe we have the right mix of technological, psychological and behavioural skills to support this initiative and are excited for the opportunity to bring our idea to life.

Understanding Queensland Statistics


Driver demographics



Local demographics

Fatalities statewide


In Vehicle Technology


Participants install the telematics device in their vehicles when enrolling in the program. As they drive the device sends vehicle data to their phone where it is sent for analysis. At the completion of their journey they receive feedback through the app and are awarded points based on their behaviour during the trip.

Mobile app


The app home screen displays the most recent news, updates and events about the application.


Maps that are easy to use and view for driver performance. These can be viewed by selected third parties, such as parents and guardians, as well as shared socially.

Leader board

The leader board will display family and friends in an engaging gamification style ladder. Here, a user can see how they rank among other good drivers and evaluate their points and star rating.


Fantastic incentive for users lies within the rewards page. Tallying up what a user has along with what great rewards they are eligible to receive or can aim to achieve.


Users can communicate with one another via the messages page. They can share stories, congratulate each other and review rewards. Direct updates from the app can also be found here.


Users can find friends, rewards, routes, messages and anything else in their own personal archive or within the apps community.

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