AWS Cloud Consulting

/AWS klaʊd kənˈsʌltɪŋ/


To trust Strategenics, an experience Amazon Web Services Consulting Partner, to provide expert advice on all matters cloud!

How we can help your business

Thinking about hosting some or all of your digital assets in the cloud? Or already there but feel you could be getting better performance and value? As an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner, we deliver customised, scalable cloud solutions at competitive prices. Talk to one of our professional AWS Consultants about how you can get the most out of the cloud.

Why Strategenics

Our cloud professionals have years of experience in bringing the best AWS has to offer to our valued clients. Every business is different, so we take the time to understand your vision and ambitions so that our solutions meet the unique needs of your business now and into the future.

What you get with Strategenics AWS Cloud Consulting


Certified Team Members


Free Initial Consultation


Excellent Customer Service


Cloud backup and archiving


Australian Owned and Operated


Expert Assistance


Data centre migration


Application hosting


Process automation


Serverless computing


Website hosting


Range of Packages

Get Immediate Change

Personalised Service

Our experts will tailor an AWS package that best suits you and your company’s needs.

Minimise Downtime

Our team’s precise planning and rigorous change management mean smooth and seamless cloud migration.

Cloud First

Strategenics Cloud Consultants are here to assist, architect, manage and improve the simplest or most complex AWS cloud environments.

Cloud Hosting Options

Our team can provide all the information you need to decide whether self-hosting or a managed service is right for you.


Security Compliant

AWS’ strong safeguards combined with our experience in providing software-based security tools enjoy peace of mind that your valuable data is completely secure.

Pay As You Go

“Just in time” capacity means you pay for what you need with the knowledge that your cloud solution will meet fluctuating demands.

AWS Partners

Our team of cloud infrastructure experts has years of experience helping our valued customers migrate their applications and data to the cloud. As AWS partners Strategenics is recognised as front-runners in providing genuine value to customers by offering proactive monitoring, automation, and management of their environment.

Who we work with


Working with government agencies to build out and manage secure AWS instances.


Enabling not-for-profits clients with flexible and cost-effective cloud services.


Providing rapid response online service for clients in the resource industry.

How Stategenics Works

We work at the level your organisation needs.

We can help you start simple and grow capability.


The team at Strategenics strive to deliver the most professional service possible to our clients. After all - your business is our business, and we take that seriously!



No project would be complete without a deadline. We understand this more than most, and our team provides a great mix of quality and quantity to get projects completed on time for you.


If there’s one thing you need in business, it’s people you can trust. Strategenics have made a living by providing great solutions while building long-lasting partnerships: something we are very proud of.

No cloud experience required

With vast experience in AWS Cloud infrastructure and an extensive team of cloud development, security and operations specialists, our goal is to complement, improve and support your existing people and process where required.

If cloud is core to your success but not core to your business, then we’d love to hear from you.

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