This week, Strategenics held its first Executive Seminar of 2018 in Brisbane. Guest speaker, Robert Merlicek – Chief Technology Officer – Asia Pacific and Japan of TIBCO Software, delivered an informative and entertaining talk to 40 guests made up of data analysts, digital entrepreneurs, business professionals and excited data enthusiasts.

Robert discussed the power of TICBO products and the importance software plays in extracting valuable data from organisations wanting to make better, more transparent business decisions. He covered a range of case studies and showed examples where real-time analytics has made a huge impact to various industries. Now, with the help of software, businesses can interact directly with customers, providers and inventory ‘on the fly’ as environments change by the minute. A perfect example being the of this is with the airline industry with analytics allowing security teams to monitor air-side entrances for immediate response, and concierge desks tracking passenger numbers in lounges to help usher guests in a more comfortable and friendly manner.

There are many industries and business functions that can be improved through the application of data analytics. Strategenics specialises in helping companies transition into the digital world and finding data driven solutions to improve business efficiencies. Contact us below to organise a free consultation today.

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