INCubate for Kids

INCubate an opportunity to give your child the skills and resilience for the digital age

It’s time to INCubate the energy, creativity and passion of our kids!

Today’s kids, tomorrow’s future entrepreneurial leaders. Your chick has the exciting opportunity to be exposed to an entrepreneurs workshop (6 half-day sessions) during the school holidays. The workshop will include sessions on INCubating their ideas, exposure to leading technology solutions, learning the language of programming and coding and strengthening their mental capacity through wellness strategies that equip them to be healthy entrepreneurs. Generation X parents will remember the days of selling homemade lemonade with handwritten cardboard posters in the blistering summer heat to family and friendly neighbours? Yes. Today, Generation Alpha and Y (Prep to Year 6) will be hatching their BIG ideas via technology solutions with the potential to reach a global marketplace. Strategenics believes that our kids are a vital piece of the puzzle as our communities address global disruption in industries, social welfare and education. We believe every child should have the opportunity to fulfil their potential and look forward to unlocking the creative genius in your child!

Workshop outcomes

1. Confidence to take on the languages of the future – as children we learned foreign languages, now your child needs to learn the languages of the future – code! Your child will walk away with the confidence that coding is not just for computer whizzes. It’s an essential skill for the future that everyone can master.

2. A start-up mentality – by encouraging children to think big and turn their dreams into a reality, your child will walk away with permission to be creative, ambitious and determined – essential ingredients for any entrepreneur.

3. Business savvies –A crash course in business basics will help them to navigate the road to turning big dreams into realities.

4. Improved confidence, focus and resilience – the mind is the most important resource for entrepreneurs young and old. Your child will learn a range of mindfulness techniques that will help them to deal with the ups and downs of being an entrepreneur!

5. FUN – This is not school. All these learnings outcomes are carefully woven around experiential activities that will fully engage your child so that learning is fun!

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