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Through our strategic partnerships, Strategenics excel in a number of products that we have tried and tested to deliver the best possible solutions for our clients. Not only are we experts in consulting and implementing these products, but we are avid users ourselves. We believe that if we get such great value from being users, so will you.

Jira Software

Amazon Web Services



Jira Service Desk

Strategenics Products

Where there has been a need in the market, Strategenics has built its own solutions. This one of our favourite areas of growth as our team of Business Analysts and Developers work together to solve common problems that can help many.

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AWS Summit 2018

AWS Summit 2018 This month Strategenics attended the much anticipated AWS Summit in Sydney. This three-day event included global keynote presentations, partner only briefings, working groups and an interactive “Metropolis of the Future” expo with the sole...

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