Guided Analytics - Case Study

Visualisation dasboards which are interactive, easy to use and inbuilt with web and mobile capabilities will change your thoughts on reporting forever. It will work for you.

Strategenics was appointed by a national research agency to develop an innovative, dynamic and web-enabled platform for presenting research reports. The research agency conducted extensive surveys within communities in central Queensland to gauge the perception of coal seam gas mining amongst local residents, businesses and workers in the area.

The Strategenics Solution:

• This project involved the development of visualisations based on the client’s existing research models and data instruments, with the objective being to demonstrate the capability of dynamic, interactive visualisations to replace existing ‘static’ reports and documents.

• Strategenics consultants developed ‘guided analytics’ to increase the impact of the visualisations, by providing drill-down capabilities, filters and other data limiting and data identifying functionality. Our team constructed narratives within each visualisation that provided clear research objectives and focused results.

• Our team then established a decision support managed service, providing the client with their own environment. This enabled the client to construct analytics visualisations, save the visualisations to a private server and view the analytics online (via a browser or iPad) in a private environment.

• Publicly viewable visualisation analyses have been now set up on their website.