TIBCO Spotfire Consulting Services

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TIBCO Spotfire Consulting Services

Data is one of the most important assets a business can own. Unfortunately, many decision makers do not have easy access or visibility to the information that makes their business run. This is where Strategenis’ TIBCO Consulting Services can help!

Through analytics and BI dashboards, our team of experienced TIBCO Spotfire Consultants can make it easy to surface the critical information your business stakeholders need to drive better result. We work closely with our clients to understand business requirements so that the most effective questions can be posed and answered immediately without a lengthy process of revision and repackaging.


Big Data Analytics


Event Analytics




Content Analytics


Data Discovery and Visualisation


Integration with other solutions


Predictive Analytics


Dashboards and Analytic Apps


Bespoke dashboards creation


Location Analytics


Advanced Collaboration Tools


KPI definition and predictive future directions

Work with the experts

Our TIBCO Certified Spotfire Consultants and Data Science team have worked with many organisations varying in size and budget. Nothing is too small or too big, as we provide a huge range of offering such as advanced Spotfire data service, Spotfire SharePoint integration, Spotfire development and Spotfire data solutions. In fact, we specialise, and take pride, in getting the most out of what you have, based on your individual needs.

Whatever your requirements, get in touch today to book a FREE consultation. Together, we can unlock your business’ most valuable asset, and ensure you’re making the best data-driven decisions for future success.

Interactive Visualisation of Data

Reveal hidden insights and decrease dependence on the IT department through self-service discovery to any level of data.


Quick and Easy Data Querying

Receive real-time access to data so you can identify previously unforeseen trends and threats.

Optimal Operational Performance

Enable rapid collaboration with your team through the visualisation of data.

Simplified Data Exploration

Multiple representations of selected data results in easy to access solutions to complicated questions.

A strong partnership

Our team of data science professional has years of experience helping our valued customers clean data and set-up TIBCO Spotfire dashboards and reports. As TIBCO partners we are recognised as front-runners in providing genuine value to customers by offering proactive, management, analysis, visualisation and monitoring of their business data.

Who we work with

Local Government

Specialising in working with local government to build securely manage large amounts of sensitive data.


Extensive experience in the resources sector, developing forecasting models to determine future pricing policies.

Emergency Services

Working closely with local authorities, Strategenics has helped deliver utilisation reports on key public resources to improve response rates and increase community value.

How Stategenics Works

We work at the level your organisation needs.

Whether it’s setting–up a TIBCO Spotfire instance from scratch, creating databases, visualising specific reports, or offering TIBCO Spotfire training, our team of Spofire Consultant and Data Scientists work with every level of your organisation needs.

We can help you start simple and grow capability.


The team at Strategenics strive to deliver the most professional service possible to our clients. After all - your business is our business, and we take that seriously!



No project would be complete without a deadline. We understand this more than most, and our team provides a great mix of quality and quantity to get projects completed on time for you.


If there’s one thing you need in business, it’s people you can trust. Strategenics have made a living by providing great solutions while building long-lasting partnerships: something we are very proud of.

Quick and accurate decision making with TICO Spotfire Consulting

You can narrow down the questions based on business relevancy and answer them as they arise through Spotfire’s analytics’ faster response time.

There’s plenty more Strategenics has to offer

Your full-service digital transformation experts.

We’re here to work with your team, not replace them.

If you’ve already invested in good people, then together we’ll be more effective – however, no Data Science and Analytics expertise is necessary to get started.

With vast experience in data infrastructure and an extensive team of TIBCO Spotfire Consultants and Data Scientists, our goal is to complement, improve and support your existing people and process where required.

Why Strategenics

“Our purpose is to address our customers’ biggest challenges and create new opportunities through disruptive thinking and technologies.”

Whether you’re a CEO looking to build a market leading service or a CTO who needs access to analytics, reporting and platform-wide visibility, we can help you.

Get a FREE demonstration today on how you can leverage TIBCO Spotfire Consulting Services to improve your business decisions.

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