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At Strategenics, one of our key strengths is advanced data analytics services. Strategenics has a vast amount of experience working with both the private and public sector providing analytics services that generate insights from organisational datasets, as well as consulting and advisory services to identify improvement opportunities within the organisation’s existing business intelligence, analytics, reporting and information management practices (across strategic, process, information and system layers).

The team’s mission is to provide Strategenics’ clients with visibility, situational awareness and insight into their organisation, and enable them to transform and improve through evidence-based decision making and investment management.

Strategenics can assist your business in the following ways:



Provide insights into key investment questions and support organisational decision making requirements


Develop innovative, interactive and dynamic visualisations and dashboards for increased data discovery


Provide consolidated and integrated views (a single source of truth) on:

  • Performance data
  • Time series and historical data
  • Other organisational datasets


Collaborate with, and distribute analysis to colleagues and stakeholders via the web and mobile devices

You can leverage Strategenics’ analytics expertise in the following way:

1. Gaining actionable insights using internal organisational data

2. Delivering insightful online reports to stakeholders

These two approaches combined will enable you to:

  • Make objective, evidence based investment decisions
  • Support and inform business transformation activities through the use of analytics
  • Identify improvement areas in customer service delivery and operational performance
  • Quantify the cost of and reduce operational bottlenecks

Advisory services

Some of the consulting and advisory services Strategenics can offer are:

  • Evidence-based strategy development
  • Evidence based investment planning and prioritisation activities
  • Evidence based business transformation and improvement activities
  • Developing a full current and future state enterprise architecture for an organisation
  • Providing a current state assessment of BI and analytics environment
  • Developing actionable opportunities for improvement (the basis of a transition plan to desired future state)

When delivering analytics work, Strategenics undertake holistic business profiling activities of organisations, identifying and documenting:

  • Key Stakeholders
  • Key Investment Questions (KIQs)
  • Business processes relating to data collection, transformation and reporting
  • The organisational data required to inform key investment questions
  • The key data repositories and systems used to store the procurement data
  • Improvement opportunities to inform the roadmap for the future state

The ultimate objective of the business profiling activity is to obtain the necessary business context to make analytics useful, relevant, and targeted to the organisation.

Business intelligence as a Service:

  • Develop and continually enhance monthly reports
  • Develop standard, self-service reports to reduce dependencies on obtaining data extracts, or double-handling of data
  • Develop reports to manage and reduce ad-hoc requests for reports and data extracts


Analytics as a Service

  • Performing descriptive and diagnostic business analytics (and insight development)
  • Undertaking statistical analysis and forecasting (using regression, time-series, linear programming, simulation, clustering and other statistical models)
  • Actively measuring and reporting organisational KPIs and the value drivers underpinning them, including data quality metrics

Modelling and Simulation as a Service:

  • Performing predictive and prescriptive business analytics (and insight development)
  • Undertaking complex modelling and forecasting (using complex multi-parametric forecast models for financial, economic, demand/resource modelling/forecasting)
  • Providing Cost Benefit Analyses of strategic options (e.g. ROI calculations/Business cases)
  • Undertaking what-if scenario analysis to test outcomes

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