Analytics Managed Services


Strategenics provides a range of hosted analytics and data warehousing services

Strategenics offers a secure, cloud hosted analytics managed service, providing organisations and their stakeholders with:

  • Selection of fully-hosted and supported analytics platforms
  • Analytics desktop platform for staff/analysts to develop dynamic dashboards
  • Licences for executive stakeholders to access web-based dashboards and analytics files via their browser or tablet
  • Advanced capability which surpasses current analysis tools (such as Excel)

Strategenics’ Analytics Managed Service will enable you to:

  • Import and interpret data from various source and data file formats
  • Correlate information from various data sources and large data sets seamlessly
  • Use intuitive software environment for better user experience and easy creation of data processing rules and model development
  • Schedule analysis task routines and extract, transform and load (ETL) processes
  • Securely store processed data and analysis artefacts in various file format types and modes
  • Improve data processing time using a scalable and robust solution
  • Develop a scalable and flexible data warehouse environment integrated with our analytics tools

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