Search and Protect a globally unique name for your business, product or service using iPwish.

Finding a unique brand name is typically very hard. Someone, somewhere, in the world is probably using your name or has used your name before. Why waste your time and money building a brand around a name that someone else is using?

iPwish.com can assist you in:


    • Searching for a unique name for your business, product or service. ipwish.com can check your name availability across 1000+ social media sites and 170+ of the most popular website domains.


    • Protecting your brand name from misuse by ensuring you have full control of your name without the risk of thieves stealing your name and holding you ransom to buy your own name back. The ipwish.com team can protect your name on over 170 website domains and 1000 social media sites.


  • Building your brand name. The ipwish.com team can assist you to build your brand with a logo, website, search engine optimisation, internet marketing or customised social media sites. Engage and surprise your customers with an active social media engagement strategy.

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