Research & Development

Preparing for the future

Strategenics is driven to explore future technologies in order to build a workplace for tomorrows leaders. Here are some of our R&D initiatives to help reach our goals.

Data Science and Operations Research

Strategenics undertakes both internal and external data analytics based activities using evidence-based methods for providing insights, alerts and predictions. Companies are awash in data but corporate leaders don’t always know the most effective ways to extract business value from customer and market information like hiring a data scientist.

The overarching objective is that business value can be realised by:

  • Refining target audiences
  • Conducting problem solving using a quantifiable, data-driven approach
  • Acting as a data-to-business translator

Machine learning has become one of the main themes of information technology. The availability of increasing amounts of data provides reason and momentum for smart data analytics that will become even more pervasive as a necessary ingredient for technological progress.

Algorithm Development

Our team of innovation artists and statisticians are creating a predictive algorithm suite encompassing:

  • Neural Network-based algorithms
  • Clustering Models – Expectation Maximisation/K-Means
  • Classification Models – Bayesian Networks, Linear Classifiers
  • Regression Models – Linear/Non Linear, Decision Trees, Neural Networks


Autonomous Systems for Agribusiness

Strategenics is developing autonomous systems for terrestrial and aeronautical applications in order to facilitate efficiencies in Agri-Business. The autonomous configurations will be extended to mobile scenarios relevant to remote monitoring for agricultural purposes. The overall objective is to research these optimisation and configuration parameters from stationary terrestrial systems to mobile terrestrial and aeronautical systems for low cost, commercially viable implementation.

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