About us

Find out what makes us tick.

Our Strategic Direction

Creating new industries and jobs

We are creating new high tech industries and jobs for the Digital Age.


Helping people reach their potential

We are in the business to help people, business and communities to transform to reach their potential in the Digital Age.

Ensuring no one is left behind

In a world of fast-paced economic and technology disruption, Strategenics is committed to build social capital and challenge our traditional social systems to ensure no one is left behind.

Our Philosophy

We believe everyone deserves the opportunity to fulfil their potential. So our mission is to help people, businesses and communities to maximise their potential. We take pride in building long-term trusted partnerships to provide sustainable solutions.

Our Approach


We create new knowledge through creativity, curiosity, continuous improvement and by challenging ourselves to explore new horizons.



We work fast and continuously increase our speed and agility through iterative improvement.


We are futurists and we lead by example with visionary and insightful leadership to create growth.


We create a caring family of team members and we are mindful, resilient, fun, loyal, trustworthy and honest.

With Purpose

We create a caring family of team members and we are mindful, resilient, fun, loyal, trustworthy and honest.

Recent Blog Posts

Learn from the top thought leaders in the industry.

AWS Summit 2018

AWS Summit 2018 This month Strategenics attended the much anticipated AWS Summit in Sydney. This three-day event included global keynote presentations, partner only briefings, working groups and an interactive “Metropolis of the Future” expo with the sole...

Brisbane Client and Partner Event

Last Thursday Strategenics invited clients and partners to enjoy canapes and drinks to mark the move to our new Brisbane office location. Chris took the opportunity to thank attendees for their support over the years and to seek their...

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