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HR Service Management (HRSM)

The Strategenics HRSM Solution

Minimise routine processes, maximise employee engagement

Juggling the many tasks that come with HR management can sometimes steer you away from attracting, retaining and nurturing talent.

The good news is that you can automate and streamline your usual processes, freeing you up to focus on people management and ensuring overall efficiency and harmony within your organisation.

The Strategenics HRSM solution helps you proactively communicate and collaborate with your entire team. Enjoy a user-friendly solution to help employees navigate vital information, raise questions, request leave, lodge expenses and more.

By combining out-of-the-box features with custom configurations to suit your business, you can eliminate the manual effort of routine processes while maintaining a single source of truth.

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    Streamline employee engagement

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    Improve team engagement

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    Maintain compliance and control

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Strategenics HR Service Management Solution Features

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Employee Portal

Team members view company knowlegde base or raise questions and requests on an employee-access portal.

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Manager Portal

Custom workflow and automation of tasks, issues and checklists to ensure requirements are met.

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Relevant team members are alerted on changes and updates in real-time, and actions or task assignments are included.

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Work history is logged and easily accessible, as well as exportable for external integrations.

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Documents are held in a controlled space until required to move.



Access to different areas is restricted based on roles to ensure sensitive data are protected.

The Strategenics HRSM Solution

Key solution benefits

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    Cross-functional integration

    Integrate cross-functional departments including IT, Finance,  Customer Services, Facilities, and Marketing.

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    Automate repetitive processes, such as onboarding, employee engagement, leave management, requests and timesheeting.

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    Clarify accountability

    Clearly define your team's services and accountability with custom approval processes and workflows.

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    Centralise knowledge

    Ensure all the latest information your team needs are organised and readily accessible in a central knowledge hub.

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    Eliminate duplication

    Maintain central and repeatable processes to remove double-handling and duplication of data.

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    Turn information into insight

    Easily keep track of all your data and dive into actionable insights that matter most to your business.


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We understand the risks and commitments that come with engaging a new solution partner — a lot of time, money, and trust are poured into a project and delivery partner to achieve the intended outcome. Yet sometimes, after all that, things may not work out.

This is why we have uniquely designed our RADS delivery method to eliminate this issue. Backed by our values of smarter, faster, better, together, and with purpose, our RADS delivery method ensures that your needs are accurately understood and the basis of your solution is carefully architected before you commit to the broader project.

With a duration of no more than 4 weeks at a fixed price starting from AU$5,000 +GST, the Strategenics RADS is your best bet at achieving a strong foundation for your project, giving you the confidence to progress onto the next stage.

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