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Governance, Risk Management & Compliance (GRC) Solutions

The Strategenics GRC Solution

Simplify governance, reduce risk, and ensure compliance — always.

Business operating models need to evolve to deliver value to stakeholders faster. However, large organisations also need to balance improved agility and responsiveness with governance, risk management and compliance (GRC).

Without the right frameworks and systems in place, you have no clear visibility across your business and are likely to react to risks retroactively rather than manage them proactively.

The Strategenics GRC solution is a cost-effective and sustainable solution for cross-functional teams. We'll help you reduce complexity and duplication while monitoring, managing and mitigating risks.

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    Identify potential business risks

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    Maintain compliance and control

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    Reduce unnecessary costs and workload wastage


Strategenics GRC Solution Features

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Customer Portal

Customers report incidents, risks, claims and audit inspections in an accessible portal.

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Agent Portal

Automation of tasks, issues and checklists to ensure requirements are met.

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Relevant stakeholders are alerted and actions for risk/incident management are included.

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Issues progress through customisable workflows with real-time updates.

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Work history is logged and easily exportable for external integrations.



Documents are held in a controlled space until required to move.



Access is restricted based on roles to ensure sensitive data are protected.


Resource Planning

Review and plan resources to support workload management.

The Strategenics GRC Solution

Key solution benefits

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    Automate almost any task or process to do away with repetitive work so that you and your team can focus on what matters most.

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    When teams work in a centralised system, moving and delegating tasks with the help of workflows becomes easier.

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    360° overview

    Relevant stakeholders can easily view data in real-time and dig deeper to identify trends, issues and improvement areas.

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    Our systems perform rigorous security testing. If threats occur, issues are resolved quickly and updated in real-time.

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    Easily integrate with other tools and systems to reduce data duplication and task repetition.

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    User management

    Manage users through user provisioning with Okta, OneLogin, Azure AD, Google Cloud or PingFederate.

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Our delivery formats

What happens next?

We pride ourselves on successful outcome deliveries for all our customers, and we do that with the help of mindfully crafted delivery strategies that help you maximise value while minimising risks and costs.

We understand the risks and commitments that come with engaging a new solution partner — a lot of time, money, and trust are poured into a project and delivery partner to achieve the intended outcome. Yet sometimes, after all that, things may not work out.

This is why we have uniquely designed our RADS delivery method to eliminate this issue. Backed by our values of smarter, faster, better, together, and with purpose, our RADS delivery method ensures that your needs are accurately understood and the basis of your solution is carefully architected before you commit to the broader project.

With a duration of no more than 4 weeks starting at a fixed price from AU$5,000 +GST, the Strategenics RADS is your best bet at achieving a strong foundation for your project, giving you the confidence to progress onto the next stage.

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