Data analytics and Data model design

We propel your journey toward growth and success by crafting strategic data insights and robust data models to unlock opportunities and empower informed decisions.

Why Data analytics and Data model design matter

Drive performance with data insights

As industries evolve and competition intensifies, harnessing the power of data can provide a significant competitive advantage and is imperative for success. By leveraging advanced analytics techniques and robust data models, you can enhance operational efficiency, streamline processes, and maximise the ROI on your investments.

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    Gain market insights

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    Drive informed decisions

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    Enhance competitive advantage

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    Optimise resource allocation

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    Fosters innovation and experimentation

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    Mitigate risks


Why Strategenics is your trusted partner

Empower your business with data-driven Insights

At Strategenics, we're committed to crafting strategies that drive tangible results and foster long-term growth. Our approach is centered around empowering your team with actionable insights and robust data models that align with your business objectives. Whether it's identifying new opportunities or optimising processes, we're dedicated to equipping you with the tools and strategies needed to thrive in today's data-driven landscape.

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    We work towards outcomes, not output

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    We focus on building your competitive advantage

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    We maximise your cost savings and value potential

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    We use the latest technological solutions

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    We keep costs transparent and competitive

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    We build scalable solutions that are easy to build on

Our Data analytics and data model design services

Accelerate growth through data excellence

With a wealth of experience spanning multiple industries, we bring a comprehensive approach to data analytics and data model design.

  • data-analysis

    Data-driven decision support

    Leverage advanced analytics techniques and predictive modeling to uncover actionable insights and drive strategic decision-making across your organisation.

  • data-analytics

    Data visualisation and reporting

    Transform complex data sets into intuitive visualisations and comprehensive reports, empowering stakeholders with clear, actionable insights.

  • chess

    Data governance and quality management

    Establish robust data governance frameworks and quality management processes to ensure data integrity, compliance, and trustworthiness throughout your organisation.

  • gears

    Data infrastructure optimisation

    Design and optimise data infrastructure and architecture to support scalability, performance, and agility in managing and analysing vast amounts of data.

  • data-visualisation

    Data integration and migration

    Seamlessly integrate and migrate data across disparate systems and platforms, ensuring consistency, accuracy, and accessibility for enhanced decision-making and operational efficiency.

  • light-sabers

    Data security and privacy compliance

    Implement robust security measures and compliance protocols to safeguard sensitive data and ensure adherence to regulatory requirements, mitigating risks and protecting organisational assets

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Our approach

Smarter, faster, better, together, with purpose

We wholeheartedly believe in our approach so much that we made it our tagline. Tried and tested for over a decade, our approach sets us apart and gets the results you need.

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    We unearth knowledge through curiosity, creativity, and continuously challenging ourselves.

  • lightning-bolt


    We work efficiently by strategically increasing our speed and agility through iterative improvement.

  • telescope


    We are futurists who identify growth opportunities in every project, because we believe that better is always possible.

  • puzzle


    We see ourselves as an extension of your team and work collaboratively to ensure we can be successful together.

  • origami

    With purpose

    We are invested in the outcomes you've envisioned, and take the most purposeful path to deliver your results.

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