Internship Program

Are you looking for real world experience? Somewhere you get hands-on experience in your area of study?

The Strategenics Internship Program provides early career professionals and students, like you, with the best environment to get the most out your internship or work experience. We believe that an internship should be a win-win for us and you. We will give you the opportunity to work on our real life research and development (R&D) projects that Strategenics may commercialise to global markets. You just need to bring your enthusiasm and fresh approach to problem solving. In return you will receive invaluable experience, a solid example for your resume and if all goes well, a glowing report from one of most innovative companies in South East Queensland. Some of our internships have even converted into real jobs at Strategenics, so we are keen to see how you also fit into our culture.

Benefits of interning at Strategenics

No mundane tasks!
Participate in a working project team
Learn from experienced professional
Show your value to industry experts
Work on real life R&D projects
Hands-on practical experience

Internship areas

Robotics and aerospace
Machine vision
Electrical and Mechanical Engineering
Computer Science
Data Science and Data Analytics
Information Technology
Management Information Systems
Software Development
Product Development
Business and Commerce
Marketing, PR, Advertising, Communications
Account Management

Program Dates:

The Strategenics Internship Program is open right now. We review and accept candidates at flexible times during the year.


Your course structure will determine the number of hours required for internship completion. With this in mind, we understand that being a student and working towards your life goals can be a handful. This is why we offer very flexible options for contact time. This is typically inside working hours, however some R&D projects may require after hours or weekends for completion.

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If you are interested in working together, send us a message and we will get back to you as soon as we can!


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