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AWS Summit 2018

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  • Post published:April 26, 2018
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This month Strategenics attended the much anticipated AWS Summit in Sydney. This three-day event included global keynote presentations, partner only briefings, working groups and an interactive “Metropolis of the Future” expo with the sole intent to enhance our skills to design, deploy, and operate infrastructure and applications. We also participated in the inaugural Amazon Innovation Day to gain first-hand practical insights from leaders across Amazon Retail, Prime Video, Amazon Marketplace, Amazon Robotics and Prime Air.

Our knowledge of cutting-edge technologies will be directly transferred to our client projects, as we endeavour to help your business:

Lower costs

– Through understanding and embracing Amazon’s latest technology offerings
– By learning from other partners in the region and globally on how they have helped customers

Improve efficiency

– Understand the opportunities for transformation that are now possible and enabled by the latest technology offerings such as machine learning and artificial intelligence

Innovate at scale

– Building and fostering a culture of innovation in your organisation
– Understanding AWS offerings around IoT, machine learning and AI

If you are new to cloud technologies and want to learn more, or need a capable partner to help you navigate your business through a transformation project, look no further than Strategenics. Our passionate and experienced team are here and ready to help you today.

If you are interested in working together, send us a message and we will get back to you as soon as we can!

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