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SWAG Benefit Concert sponsorship

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  • Post published:September 15, 2015
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Strategenics recently sponsored the Christian Outreach College Toowoomba (COCT) Year 10 SWAG Benefit Concert last week. The event raised funds for the purchase of swags for the homeless community in Toowoomba, with support from the BASE Soup Kitchen and Street Swags.

Strategenics also donated personal hygiene products to distribute to homeless people through the Toowoomba BASE Soup Kitchen. Nat Spary is an instrumental member of the BASE Soup Kitchen, and was himself a homeless person many years ago. He now helps to alleviate the struggle of the homeless community in Toowoomba through his work with BASE Soup Kitchen.

Street Swags has been producing swags for homeless people for over 10 years now. The swag are specifically designed to suit homeless people as it is a discrete carry bag by day and a basic bed and shelter by night.

Year 10 music student, Aleisha Smart thanked Strategenics for their generous contribution which resulted in the purchase of 5 swags. In total they were able to purchase 17 swags and collected enough hygiene products to fill approximately 30 bags.

The Strategenics team is privileged to have been a part of such an important community initiative and we are proud of all parties involved for putting on a wonderfully successful program.


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