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Working together with the smarter, faster and better Spotfire 7

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  • Post published:March 5, 2015
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To continually provide our customers with the best solutions, Strategenics have upgraded to the recent release of TIBCO’s Spotfire© 7. Our analytics team are now armed with this latest tool to deliver faster and more intuitive insights than ever before.

What is TIBCO Spotfire©7:
Spotfire is part of the TIBCO Analytics suite, enabling data discovery and actionable insights.

New features to TIBCO Spotfire© 7:
In addition to the ability to explore data faster and more intuitively, two new noteworthy features are:
• The recommendations wizard provides automated guidance and recommended visualisations based on available data attributes. By selecting which data elements you wish to use, Spotfire’s© recommendations wizard creates a range of charts automatically, allowing all users, from data analytics newcomers to experts to create an entire dashboard in just a few seconds, and quickly start discovering insights
• A significant user interface overhaul, providing a beautiful, modern user interface with new visual design options and themes, allowing users to choose between the traditional light theme, as well as a new dark theme or custom design to customise the look and feel of the Spotfire© data analytics workspace.

Why Strategenics choose TIBCO Spotfire© 7:
Strategenics, a fully certified TIBCO partner has chosen TIBCO Spotfire© as the key solution in the TIBCO analytics suite because of its robustness, scalability and enterprise readiness.

How Strategenics clients will benefit from TIBCO Spotfire© 7:
Strategenics clients have benefited from Spotfire’s ability to provide actionable insights through data discovery and analytics, to provide an evidence base for decision making and business transformation. Our adoption of Spotfire© 7 will provide key benefits in the following areas:

Strategic Business Transformation
• Enable key personnel to discover new and/or unexpected insights hidden in existing data sources
• Allow stakeholders to have greater confidence in procurement data.

Higher Business Agility & Scale
• Allow stakeholders to become more agile by enabling staff to rapidly discover new portfolio insights
• Provide stakeholders with greater and faster access to analytics insights, increasing their responsiveness to issues as they occur.

Economies of Scale
• Enable stakeholders to leverage a single analytics service and to facilitate the provision of information to others
• Increase the ability to re-use existing information refinement methods and formats over and over again.

Total Cost of Ownership
• Allow stakeholders to reduce their dependence on IT, by providing the ability to specify and produce project analytics information presentations without the reliance on or access to specialised programs and or Business Intelligence systems
• With Strategenics’ managed Analytics service, clients do not need to manage any IT infrastructure

Added value with Strategenics’ Spotfire Managed Service offerings Strategenics offers a secure, cloud hosted analytical managed service, providing organisations and their stakeholders with:
• A fully-hosted and supported Spotfire Analytics platform
• Licences for the Spotfire Analytics desktop platform for staff/analysts to develop dynamic dashboards
• Licences for executive stakeholders to access web-based dashboards and analytics files via their browser or tablet
• Advanced capability which surpasses traditional reporting and analysis tools. Please contact us today to find out more!

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