My Health For Life Case Study

Digital Health platforms and Health Analytics on secure Amazon Web Services (AWS); designed, delivered and supported by Strategenics expertise in Software Development, Application Managed Services, AWS, and Data Analytics.

Customer problem

The My Health For Life (MH4L) program is a state-wide preventative health program funded by Queensland Health with Diabetes Queensland as the lead organisation of a consortium of healthcare providers. The My Health for Life program is an innovative preventative health program designed to help Queenslanders stay well and lessen their risk of developing conditions such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease, stroke, high cholesterol and high blood pressure.

My Health for Life is a free, six-month program where participants work with a health coach to achieve personalised health goals. Choosing either small group sessions, or one-on-one phone coaching, participants explore topics such as nutrition, physical activity, understanding your personal risk of developing health conditions and how to make healthier choices a part of everyday life. With the support of a health coach, participants also develop an action plan. Whether your goal is to get more active, eat better, stress less, or lose weight, the focus is on building a step-by-step plan to help achieve health goals over time.

The MH4L program needed a secure digital platform to support participant management, group programs, telephone health coaches, health program management, health analytics, and program evaluation. The MH4L program collects participant data from risk assessments and program sessions to measure participants baselines and progress throughout the program. This critical information is also used to assess outcomes delivered for program funding milestones.

Strategenics were successfully chosen to design, build, test, and operate the MH4L digital systems on an ongoing basis as the MH4L solution delivery partner.

The Strategenics approach

• The Strategenics team undertook a Discovery session then established the formal Business Requirements and Solution Architectures for the range of MH4L digital systems.

• Our team were embedded within the Diabetes Queensland office to ensure we developed a deep understanding of the business requirements and were available to engage in quick iterative feedback sessions.

• With a ‘Cloud First’ approach, the Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform was selected to securely host the digital systems. Strategenics has been a long term partner with AWS and have provided secure managed services on AWS to Queensland Government departments.

• The Strategenics team designed, built, tested and delivered the core digital systems for MH4L all on the AWS platform.

• A Health Analytics Managed Service was established, giving MH4L team members a secure and private Analytics environment. Strategenics trained the MH4L team thus providing MH4L with internal capability to construct additional analytics visualisations and to view and manipulate existing visualisations and models.

• The Health Analytics module was designed to extract, transform, and load (ETL) data from multiple systems into a secure Data Lake that was subsequently connected to a visual Analytics platform. The MH4L Health Analytics dashboards provide daily updates on participant progress, program outcomes, and are used as a communication mechanism between the MH4L and the funding organisation, Queensland Health. Rather than receiving outdated monthly static reports, Queensland Health have direct access to the Health Analytics providing near real time visibility of program success.

• The full suite of digital health systems have been independently reviewed and security tested successfully.

• This project involved developing a Managed service for the My Health For Life (MH4L) program by leveraging AWS technologies including Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS), AWS Lambda – Serverless Compute, Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2), Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) Buckets, Amazon Elastic Load Balancing (ELB), and Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC).

• The Strategenics team continue to monitor the security and reliability of the daily data management and analytics processes which store, collate and transform these sensitive datasets.

• Given the evolving nature of the AWS platform, the Strategenics team proactively monitor, manage, and review opportunities for MH4L to innovate and improve the security and reliability of these digital platforms on AWS.


• Strategenics have successfully managed the MH4L core digital platforms and Analytics platforms for over 3 years, with minimal downtime in accordance with our formal Service Level Agreement (SLA).

• Strategenics have continued to operate, manage, and upgrade the MH4L digital environment to take advantage of the latest cloud technologies and cybersecurity enhancements.

• By using AWS, Strategenics could deliver the solutions quickly and securely whilst optimising costs. With AWS you only pay for what you use and services can be easily switched on or off as required.

• During this time, the MH4L program have successfully supported approximately 10,000 participants to improve their healthy behaviours. The MH4L program is successfully achieving its intended health objectives for Queensland.

Strategenics has been an active partner with our My Health for Life program almost since commencement and has assisted us to navigate through difficult contractual and technical issues working as a government contracted program. We have built a good relationship with the team and they have been able to contribute to ensuring ongoing improvement and innovation within our systems.

Program Director, My Health For Life