Value Vision

Develop a clear vision of your core values. By sharing and aligning your values with others, you'll gain a collective perspective that strengthens teamwork and drives purposeful actions.

  1. Prepare the Deck
    • Gather the Values Cards deck developed by Strategenics.
  2. Set Up the Categories
    • Designate a clear space in front of you for placing the cards.
    • Create three separate categories:
      “Not important to me,” “Important to me,” and “Very important to me.”
  3. Start Sorting
    • Shuffle the deck of value cards thoroughly.
    • Begin the game by picking the first card from the top of the deck.
    • Without overthinking, quickly assess the value on the card and determine its importance to you.
    • Place the card face-up in one of the three categories:
      • “Not important to me”: If the value holds little or no significance to you.
      • “Important to me”: If the value has some importance but is not one of your top priorities.
      • “Very important to me”: If the value is of utmost importance to you.
  4. Repeat the Sorting Process
    • Continue picking cards one by one, assessing their importance, and placing them in the corresponding categories.
    • Avoid spending too much time on each card to maintain the spontaneity of your choices.
  5. Remove the “Not Important” and “Important to me” Cards
    • Remove these cards from the game as they do not align with your core values.
  6. Repeat the Sorting and Selection
    • Gather the remaining cards (Very important) and shuffle them again.
    • Start the sorting process once more, going through the deck until you end up with approximately 10 cards in the “Very important to me” category.
  7. Lay Out your Core Values
    • Lay the 10 cards from the “Very important to me” category in a spread before you.
    • Arrange them into logical groups that make sense to you
    • Optional: You can spread them into logical groups for all players to see and reflect upon.
  8. Reflect on Your Core Values
    • Take some time to study the cards in the spread before you.
    • Reflect on the values represented by these cards and what they mean to you personally or as a team.
    • Consider how these core values can guide your decision-making, goal-setting, and actions in various areas of life.

The Strategenics ValueVision, is a tool for self-reflection and exploration of personal or collective values. Remember that the exercise is meant to help you identify your core values, but it’s also important to continuously reassess and refine them as you grow and evolve.