Improve team productivity and business resilience with Atlassian cloud

Atlassian is phasing out their server offerings and support by 2024, yet doubts still arise on how cloud affects team productivity and how it ultimately impacts long-term business resilience.

You could address these doubts separately, but we think that they actually go hand-in-hand.

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Finding alignment with Atlassian: Key recap from Team ’22

A marvellous Atlassian Team ’22 has come to a close with exciting news and updates we’ve all been waiting for.

Here are key announcements you should know about, and learn how Atlassian tools can help your team find alignment.

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Happy International Women’s Day 2022

Happy International Women’s Day to all! As a small way we are celebrating today, we thought we’d share some must-know trivia of inspiring and pioneering women in history, as well as 5 ways we support the women (and everyone) on the Strategenics team.

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That’s a wrap: Strategenics Recap 2021

Over here at Strategenics HQ, this year has been a definite whirlwind. We’ve taken some time together as a team to reflect on our key achievements and consider our goals for the future, and today we want to share that with you.

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5 questions education leaders should be asking about digital transformation

How are the education foundations of today keeping up with changes and preparing students for a tech-rich future?

As education leaders, here are 5 questions you should be asking first on your digital transformation journey.

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Transform customer service with Amazon Connect: Lessons from AWS Contact Centre Day

Amazon explored the innovation behind contact centre technology in their AWS Contact Centre Day 2021. Here’s what we learned to help you take the next step in customer service excellence.

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Four key reasons businesses move to the cloud

Truly understanding the benefits of cloud helps deliver a smooth migration experience. Here are 4 major reasons why your business should make the move.

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2021 AWS Machine Learning Summit: Key takeaways

AWS hosted its much-anticipated virtual Machine Learning Summit with some of the brightest minds in ML.

Here are our key takeaways and favourite moments.

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6 examples of artificial intelligence and machine learning technology you use daily

Are AI and ML technology something we’ll only experience in the distant future? Not at all. In reality, they’ve become normal aspects of your everyday life, and have been for years.

Here’s a look at six different ways you’re already using AI and ML in your daily routines, whether you’ve realised it or not.

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