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The Power of Responsive Customer Service for Reliability and Engagement

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  • Post published:June 6, 2023
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The value of responsive and reliable customer service cannot be overstated. Businesses rely on various software and applications to streamline their operations and access accurate real-time data. However, customers may not always be aware of the behind-the-scenes actions taking place within these systems. Industries such as healthcare, banking, insurance, and transport often have end-users who are not IT experts. When issues arise, such as system updates, failures in integrated applications or hardware, or internal changes in user roles, it becomes essential to provide efficient customer service to address these challenges.

Responsive and reliable customer service serves as a vital component in ensuring uninterrupted business operations and preventing financial losses and damage to brand reputation. Imagine a situation where you urgently need to make a critical decision based on a report, only to find that the application fails to deliver. To avoid such scenarios, organisations prioritise the standard and track record of customer support when considering new software solutions.

So, what does responsive and reliable customer service look like nowadays? Let’s explore some modes of support:

  1. Chatbot: Interact with a bot that provides suggestions based on your selections. This option is ideal for addressing close-ended questions and is typically offered free of charge.
  2. Chat Agent: Engage with real customer service representatives who can provide solutions to a broader range of inquiries. This option also comes at no cost to customers.
  3. Email Support: Log a case through the vendor’s support portal, allowing for efficient tracking and communication. Email support is usually available at no additional cost.
  4. Customer Portal: Access a dedicated account on the vendor’s support portal, enabling customers to track and manage all their support requests in one place.
  5. Call Center: Connect directly with a specialist to receive personalized assistance. Call center support often comes at a premium cost.

Atlassian offers a range of products, tools, and apps that can help businesses provide responsive and reliable customer service. Let’s explore a few examples:

  1. Jira Service Management (JSM): Jira Service Management allows teams to receive, track, manage, and resolve requests from customers seamlessly. Customers can submit requests through email, a customizable help center, or an embeddable widget. With Jira Service Management, requests can be categorized and prioritized effectively, ensuring timely resolution and adherence to service level agreements (SLAs).
  2. Automation: Jira’s Automation feature empowers teams to automate processes and save time. It allows users to create if-this-then-that rules based on events in Jira. With automation, tasks such as responding to customers, triggered by specific conditions like high priority or dedicated fields, can be automated, ensuring prompt and efficient service.
  3. StatusPage: StatusPage serves as a communication tool during incident management processes. It keeps users informed from the initial investigation through resolution. StatusPage integrates seamlessly with favorite monitoring, alerting, chat, and help desk tools, enabling efficient response and effective communication.

Additionally, Atlassian offers plugins that further enhance customer service capabilities:

  • ScriptRunner for Jira: This plugin enables complete automation of workflows in Jira, improving efficiency and streamlining processes. With ScriptRunner, users can create custom messages, set field validations, and customize the user interface, providing a tailored and user-friendly experience.
  • Email This Issue: This plugin facilitates communication with stakeholders inside and outside your company. It allows you to send issues in emails without switching to an email client, process incoming emails, and manage them effectively.
  • Time to SLA: Time to SLA allows you to define and track your service level agreements in Jira. Start and end SLAs based on specific conditions, prioritize SLAs, and generate reports for better visibility and monitoring.

By leveraging Atlassian’s suite of products, tools, and apps, businesses can deliver responsive and reliable customer service, leading to increased customer engagement and satisfaction. Empowering customers with efficient support enhances their overall experience and fosters stronger relationships with the organization.

Bibek Behera

As one of the resident Atlassian Technical Specialists at Strategenics, Bibek brings his analytical skills to the table with a refreshing take on test and process management.