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Celebrate at Reflections

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  • Post published:December 12, 2016
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This year Strategenics held celebrations for the first time at Reflections – Lake Cooby. It was a family event with staff bringing their partners and children to the picturesque glamping venue. The rustic barn was adorned with all things festive including obligatory bon-bons with terrible jokes for the children to tell! Two trained outdoor education facilitators were on board to facilitate activities with the children, while staff and partners caught up over drinks and canapes and enjoyed the scenic views.

As night neared, the adults set-off to the local Meringandan State School to participate in a fundraising trivia night while the facilitators continued activities with the children at Reflections. The trivia night brought a lot of laughs with two Strategenics teams competing (with some cheating going on by one team…), and then the group returned to Reflections to enjoy a night of glamping in beautiful luxury tents. The next day started with a BBQ breakfast and more outdoor fun!

Reflections – Lake Cooby was purchased by the Directors of Strategenics in 2016. Reflections is a great corporate training destination offering a range of indoor and outdoor activities to help you and your team challenge yourself mentally and physically. Reflections is setup with specialist equipment and facilities for high ropes, low ropes, rock climbing, canoeing, kayaking and sailing, bush walking and star gazing. Additionally, Reflections offers tailored activities in problem solving, team building, communication and leadership. Reflections’ facilitated programs are designed to engage, challenge and help people and organisations reflect on learning experiences and encourage growth and development.

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