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That’s a wrap: Strategenics Recap 2021

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  • Post published:December 20, 2021
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At this point in time, half of you would be thinking “Wait, December already?!”, while the other half of you are shouting “Yes, December already!!”. Whichever way you’re leaning likely depends on your philosophical bent, but we can all agree that 2021 has been another frenzied year.

Over here at Strategenics HQ, this year has been a definite whirlwind. Many highs, some lows, and a lot of learning along the way. We have 10+ years of successful projects and colourful memories with customers and team members to look back on as well as plenty to look forward to, but one thing’s for certain — we’ve started doing things a little differently this year.

One major way is that we are now uncompromising on our values: smarter, faster, better, together, and with purpose. From how we approach our work, to the projects we partake in, to candidates we recruit, and everything in between — every action is consciously considered to ensure we stick to our values. It’s not about perfection; it’s about striving towards progress and quality at every opportunity.

Another significant way we are doing things differently from now on is by being more open and transparent with what we’ve accomplished, what we’ve learnt, and what knowledge we can impart. This stems from our fundamental belief that to spark and sustain meaningful connections with our peers, we must be willing to share openly and help others achieve their own greatness.

As we near the end of this chapter, we’ve taken some time together as a team to reflect on our key achievements and consider our goals for the future, and today we want to share that with you.

Inspired by the wildly popular annual Spotify Wrapped campaign, we thought we’d put together our own spin on it and start a fun new tradition for our yearly highlights: Strategenics Recap.

Looking back: 5 proud moments we had in 2021

  1. Achieved the AWS Advanced Partner status.
  2. Started 12 exciting new projects with incredible customers.
  3. Launched a fresh new website and powered up our branding.
  4. Reactivated the Brisbane chapter of Atlassian Community Events.
  5. Partnered with NERA to launch the national Hydrogen Capability (HyCapability) platform built on our product EconomX, and launched the H2Q Hydrogen Cluster.

Looking ahead: 5 key goals that will make it a big 2022

  1. Grow our team to enable smooth and continuous delivery of upcoming projects.
  2. Achieve the Atlassian Gold Partner status.
  3. Launch new Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning projects.
  4. Produce a library of exciting and valuable content for our network.
  5. Develop insightful new case studies of successful projects with our customers.

We’re truly proud of our team for making it a successful year, and extremely excited to step into 2022 to be at the forefront of digital transformation and help businesses make the most of advanced technologies.

From the entire team at Strategenics, we wish you a safe and happy Christmas and New year! See you next year!

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