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Inaugural Brisbane Atlassian User Group

Unlocking the power of Agile

Strategenics recently hosted the inaugural Atlassian User Group in Brisbane.

Our guest speaker, Scott Goh-Davis, flew up from the Atlassian Sydney office to talk about unlocking the power of agile. Scott is a Certified Scrum Master who has worked for major content management companies over the last 20 years. As part of the Solutions Engineering team, Scott collaborates with some of Atlassian’s largest customers across APAC.

Some very enthusiastic Atlassian Users were treated to an insight into how Scott and his team reach best practices and how they achieve a successful agile environment in day-to-day business.

Steps to agile

1. Culture – Before anything else, getting your culture ready for change is the most important step. Understanding shared responsibility, cross-pollination of teams and common goals.
2. Practices – Next is to review all possible methodologies and processes that would best suite a new structure and culture.
3. Tools – Finally, once everything is ready and everyone is on board, moving forward with the correct tools to compliment workflow will bring everything together. The infinity loop at Atlassian ensures their suite of products integrate not only with one another, but with a myriad of 3rd party products.

Addressing Team Culture

Atlassian’s Team Playbook is the place to start when addressing team culture. Atlassian use this internally and Strategenics can work with your team to begin implementing these changes early.

4 important take-aways

1. Start with team playbooks
2. Question traditional roles and responsibilities
3. Utilise Jira reports to assess the impact
4. Continually experiment and adjust

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