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Brisbane Atlassian User Group – November 2019

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Unlocking the power of Agile in large Enterprises

Strategenics is excited to host the Brisbane Atlassian User Group for our last meetup in 2019.

Here is your opportunity to talk all things Agile and Atlassian, to connect with peers, discuss your experiences and hear from others about Atlassian Software and much more. Take the time to hear different success stories and learn how you could to apply that to your organisation.

Topic: Agile at Scale – Enterprise challenges and solutions for answering “How much will it cost? and “When will it be delivered?”

Format: Round Table (so everyone has the opportunity to speak)

Description: Agile has gained general acceptance in large organisations for delivering complex digital products and digital transformation projects. However enterprises still want certainty of “How much will it cost?” and “When will it be delivered?”. The corporate investment portfolio view is often in conflict with the mindset of agility and iterative development, which results in tension between teams and people.

1. So, what challenges are you experiencing?

2. How do you answer questions such as “How much will it cost?” and “When will it be delivered?”

3. How can organisations deliver Agile at Scale?

4. Can Agile and Investment Portfolio Management mindsets live harmoniously together?

5. What are your solutions to this problem?

Join us for a passionate round table with Atlassian customers, expert users, and industry to discuss challenges and solutions. If time permits, Strategenics may provide a demonstration for an Atlassian marketplace app which enables an enterprise portfolio view of projects, resources, cross-program resource planning, program management, and SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework®).

What to expect:

– Open discussion

– Knowledge sharing

– FREE drinks and snacks

– Friendly company

– Fun and laughter

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