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That’s a wrap: Strategenics Recap 2022

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  • Post published:December 21, 2022
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How did we get here so fast?

It’s been an incredibly eventful year for us at Strategenics – from welcoming new team members to working on exciting projects and achieving new milestones.

As we look back, we recognise both the progress and disruptions that have occurred around the globe this year, be it in momentous advancements in science and technology, social mindset shifts, or even geopolitical upheavals.

Through it all, we’ve noted 3 key overarching themes that have affected businesses, and prescribed our predictions for how those themes will evolve in the coming year.

Digital transformation continues to be a strong theme, as more and more businesses move away from outdated, siloed practices and hop on the transformation train. The values have already been proven so it is no longer a matter of “if” or “when”, but a matter of “how”.

Our prediction: Businesses will continue to invest in digital and cloud transformation in 2023 to strengthen their teams and processes, build resilience, and sharpen their competitive edge.

It’s also been a pivotal year for Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), as we see both businesses and individuals embrace these increasingly accessible resources.

Our prediction: Businesses new to AI will be open to experimenting on ways AI can improve and automate their processes in 2023, while businesses already leveraging AI will seek skilled support to further refine their approach and amplify their results.

Effective strategy remains a consistent undercurrent for teams as they navigate the wave of changes brought about by the year and lean into their renewed goals for the next chapter and beyond.

Our prediction: To respond to changes as well as get ahead of the latest innovations, the need for clearly defined strategies and approaches will be crucial to ensure a path to success.

Upholding our team’s tradition of reflecting over our last 12 months in Spotify-inspired style, here’s our very own annual Strategenics Recap.

Looking back: 5 proud moments we had in 2022

  1. Achieved the Atlassian Gold Solution Partner status. Target smashed! Next stop: Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner.
  2. Expanded our team and solidified our work processes. Demand for our expertise grew in 2022 and our 2023 outlook is bright. To ensure we remain responsive to our customers’ needs, we’ve expanded our team and refined our work practices.
  3. Our customers continue to be strong advocates of our work. We are guided by our 5 core values that allow us to continuously deliver and surpass customer expectations. See our case studies to learn more about our successful customer projects.
  4. Enabled the EconomX 3.0 redesign and relaunch. We provided tactical and logistical support for EconomX 3.0, which is now an intuitive, self-service SaaS product with functionality that innovative industries need to grow.
  5. Supported growth for H2Q and the renewable energy sector. As a Corporate Partner of Hydrogen Queensland (H2Q), we help create new opportunities for local businesses.

Looking ahead: 5 key goals that will make it a big 2023

  1. Achieve the Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner status and expand on our specialisations and certifications for Atlassian and AWS.
  2. Share our knowledge and expertise by collaborating with our partners and customers.
  3. Take an active role in promoting AI & ML, and ensuring it is more accessible to everyone.
  4. Grow our team to support our ongoing projects and customers’ needs for outsourced skills.
  5. Enable advanced manufacturing businesses to remain globally competitive by assisting their adoption of innovative technologies and processes.

Proud is an understatement when it comes to describing our teamwork, dedication and resilience this year. After a successful 2022, we’re looking forward to taking some time to rest and re-energise for 2023.

From all of us at Strategenics – thank you for all your ongoing support and happy holidays!

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