University of Notre Dame

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  • Post published:April 8, 2024
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The University of Notre Dame Australia is a national Catholic University with Campuses in Fremantle and Broome in Western Australia, and Sydney in New South Wales. They engaged Strategenics to shift their payroll team "out of the inbox" and into Jira Service Management. The project aimed to a reduce duplication of effort between team members, automate repetitive processes and feed into a larger Enterprise Service Management direction for the University. There was a desire to go with an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) approach to get this into production over a 6-week period between November and December, 2023. Through rapid planning, advanced technical expertise and effective collaboration, Strategenics successfully designed and built the new service management portal and trained the payroll team how to use it. By taking the time to understand how the payroll team worked, what they wanted to keep doing and what they wanted to improve on, the project met the team’s objective of increased efficiency and visibility. This case study demonstrates the importance of discovery, collaboration with stakeholders and the benefits of an MVP approach.

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Unlocking the Future of Manufacturing: Insights from Australian Manufacturing Week 2023

This month Strategenics attended the Australian Manufacturing Week 2023. The event took place in Melbourne, bringing together industry professionals, businesses, and policymakers and technological advancements. With an impressive lineup of…

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Improve team productivity and business resilience with Atlassian cloud

Atlassian is phasing out their server offerings and support by 2024, yet doubts still arise on how cloud affects team productivity and how it ultimately impacts long-term business resilience. You could address these doubts separately, but we think that they actually go hand-in-hand.

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Innovative technologies taking Strategenics further

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Strategenics is committed to its values in every facet of the business, including our internal technologies! We’re now equipped with Microsoft’s latest tablet notebook; Surface Pro 3 to explore how state of the art technology is providing a smarter and faster working environment for businesses.

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