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Strategenics and Ui Path

At Strategenics, we work closely with our clients to carefully plan and implement strategies to improve their business in some manner. Many scenarios revolve around digital transformation and change management processes. To ensure we continue to offer the very best solutions, Strategenics has partnered with Ui Path – experts in business process automation. Together, we provide the tools, techniques, and methodologies to complement a positive cultural shift towards human augmentation.

We work with our clients through every stage to prepare for business process automation. This continuity enables Strategenics to deliver the most effective business process optimisation and standardisation initiatives unique to each business requirements

From a client goal perspective, business process automation provides a competitive advantage by helping clients improve both accuracy and speed of operations while radically driving down costs. The relative ease of implementation drastically reduces the time to deploy, and also makes it easy to scale operations as needed. Another great advantage is that automating simple tasks free’s resources and allows teams members to focus on more important and sophisticated projects.

Key benefits

Rapid ROI

The time needed to implement and meet ROI is much shorter compared to other technologies.

Improved Service Delivery

With higher accuracy comes guaranteed service deliverables.

Non-invasive Technology

Major IT architecture changes or deep integration with underlying systems are not required.


Enhances Processes

Enhanced quality, security, compliance, and continuity.

Enhanced Ability to Manage

Simple process for current resources to manage judgment calls, exceptions and provide oversight.


Increased Compliance

Requirements are embedded within the automation rules with 100% audit trails.


Better Customer Experience

Achieved through augmented service quality and high accuracy.


Cost Reduction

A fraction of the cost to operate 24/7/365.


Scalability and Flexibility

Once established, assets can be increased or decreased within minutes to manage volume fluctuations.

Eliminate Repetitive Work

Free-up resources by automating repetitive, non-value-added tasks.

Insights and Analytics

All activities can be logged and interpreted through customised reporting tools and dashboards that can be adapted for each operational requirement.

Ui Path Partners

Our team of digital transformation experts has years of experience helping our valued customers prepare and implement more streamlined businesses processes. As UiPath Partners, Strategenics is recognised as front-runners in providing genuine value to customers by offering strategic and effective digital solutions.

Who we work with


Working with government agencies to build out and manage secure AWS instances.


Enabling not-for-profits clients with flexible and cost-effective cloud services.


Providing rapid response online service for clients in the resource industry.

How Stategenics Works

We work at the level your organisation needs.

We can help you start simple and grow capability.


The team at Strategenics strive to deliver the most professional service possible to our clients. After all - your business is our business, and we take that seriously!



No project would be complete without a deadline. We understand this more than most, and our team provides a great mix of quality and quantity to get projects completed on time for you.


If there’s one thing you need in business, it’s people you can trust. Strategenics have made a living by providing great solutions while building long-lasting partnerships: something we are very proud of.

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