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13 years of Strategenics

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  • Post published:October 26, 2022
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And just like that – it’s been 13 years.

13 years of being in business; of wins and fails; of change and transformation; of growth and innovation; of constant learning and evolving.

With our whole team largely distributed across various locations and time zones, it was great to have some of us together in person at Reflections Lake Cooby – away from screens and distractions, for what we now call our annual StratDay – and connect as real people where our different skills, experiences, personalities and aspirations meld together and centre where teamwork meets a shared company vision.

Over the years not only have some of the faces on our team changed, so too has our overall vision and strategy as we navigate through a frequently changing world.

Looking back to our early days, Strategenics looks vastly different to what it is today, yet its spirit has remained true from day one thanks to our core values:

  • Smarter. We are ever curious, ever learning. We are smarter today than we were yesterday.
  • Faster. We work faster and more efficiently when we continue growing our capabilities.
  • Better. We are futurists who identify improvements and envision opportunities from every angle. Better is always possible.
  • Together. We are a collaborative extension of those we work with and ensure we can all be successful together.
  • With purpose. We act consciously and with purpose to deliver the greatest value possible.

As we look to our future, my hope is that we continue to personify our values as we take on the next chapter of bringing positive and impactful outcomes for ourselves and others.

To every one of you reading this – thank you.

Thank you for being a part of our team.

Thank you for being one of our customers.

Thank you for being one of our partners.

Thank you for being one of our supporters.

And even if we haven’t met you yet – thank you for being a part of our story.

Chris Mills

As the founder of Strategenics, Chris brings a wealth of technology and commercial experience to the team. With deep expertise in solution architecture, economic modelling, analytics and business transformation strategy, Chris is a hands-on leader who is passionate about creating positive and sustainable change with the power of technology.