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Atlassian Release Recap – Q3 2022

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A lot happens at Atlassian HQ, and as an Atlassian partner we wanted to make sure you weren’t missing important product release updates and announcements.

Here are key Atlassian release and update announcements this quarter:

  1. Visualise Releases on the roadmap (Jira Software)
    Visualise release dates alongside related work and dependencies on the project roadmap, to identify potential work conflicts for those dates.
  2. View child issues on your roadmap (Jira Software)
    Visualise and schedule tasks and stories for kanban teams from your roadmap view. Include epics and underlying stories in a single view when working with kanban teams.
  3. DevOps Toolchain Overview (Jira Software)
    A project administrator experience to discover, connect, and visualise toolchains, all within Jira Software.
  4. Schedule work on the roadmap (Jira Software)
    You can schedule kanban issues on your roadmap by using the Start Date/Due Date fields or Schedule bars.
  5. Create commits from the Jira issue development panel (Jira Software)
    The development panel will show a link to create a commit by either copying the issue key or copying a git commit command including the issue key.
  6. 35,000 user general availability (Jira Software, Confluence)
    General availability to license up to 35,000 users for Jira or Confluence.
  7. Edit Insight custom fields as any Jira user (Jira Software, Jira Service Management, Jira Work Management)
    Jira Software and Jira Work Management users can view and edit the contents of an Insight custom field on an issue without needing a Jira Service Management license.
  8. Support multiple identity providers for a single organisation (Atlassian Access)
    Customers can now connect multiple identity providers to implement SAML SSO and SCIM user provisioning to their Atlassian Cloud organization.
  9. Configure SLA format display (Jira Service Management)
    Configure how tooltips for the SLA items are displayed. The ‘due date centric’ format will show relative time and date. The ‘time-centric’ format will show hours left on the clock.
  10. Configure the sender name for email notifications (Jira Service Management)
    Previously, emails can appear to be sent from different users or the name of the portal, depending on how the notifications have been generated. Now you have the option to allow the sender name to be the portal name all the time.
  11. Import data from URL (Jira Service Management)
    If you store your CSV or JSON data online, you can now import directly from a URL into Insight.
  12. Access multiple projects from the side navigation (Jira Work Management)
    Quickly switch between projects with up to 10 projects in your sidebar.

Here are releases and updates we can expect to see next quarter:

  1. Atlassian Analytics (Jira Software, Jira Service Management, Confluence)
    Get insights across projects, instances and products with highly interactive and customisable dashboards. Query non-Atlassian data for holistic insights. Available only for Cloud Enterprise plan.
  2. Atlassian Data Lake (Jira Software, Jira Service Management, Confluence)
    One place to access pre-modeled and enriched data across all your Atlassian products. Available only for Cloud Enterprise plan.
  3. Support for licenses up to 20,000 agents (Jira Service Management)
    Customers can have up to 20,000 agents on a single instance of Jira Service Management.
  4. HIPAA compliance (Jira Service Management)
    Atlassian will provide an attestation of compliance with requirements dictated by HIPAA for Jira Service Management Cloud Enterprise.
  5. Improved data residency support (Jira Service Management)
    Increasing the scope of support for data pinned to geographic selections to cover all data within Jira Service Management including incident management.
  6. Automation for creating incidents from alerts (Jira Service Management)
    Administrators can set up global automation rules to create Incidents from Opsgenie alerts.
  7. Incoming Call Routing (Jira Service Management)
    Integrate your Twilio phone number with Incoming Call Routing and route incoming calls to this number based on your on-call preferences. This supports call hotlines that route incoming calls to the right on-call engineers.
  8. Advanced dashboards and reports (Jira Service Management)
    New dashboards for Request, Change, Incident Management, Opsgenie Alerts and Insight objects. Reports can be generated from cross-product and third party data.
  9. External Guest Collaboration (Confluence)
    Work securely with external clients and contractors. Guest collaborators can only access content and user information if they are explicitly granted access to a space.

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