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Atlassian Release Recap – Q2 2022

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A lot happens at Atlassian HQ, and as an Atlassian partner we wanted to make sure you weren’t missing important product release updates and announcements.

Here are key Atlassian release and update announcements this quarter:

  1. Automation for forms (Jira Service Management)
    4 new form automation components you can use as a trigger, condition, and action in your workflow. Find these in Project Settings/Automation/Create rule.
  2. Presenter mode (Confluence)
    Present your pages professionally with full screen, selective focus, and cursor highlight features. Access “Presenter mode” from the top-right menu of your Confluence page.
  3. Page statuses (Confluence)
    Display the current status of a page to manage viewer expectation and feedback. Choose out-of-the-box page statuses or create your own custom statuses.
  4. Table visualisations (Confluence)
    Present data as dashboard-style pie charts, bar charts, and line charts without leaving Confluence. You can also add multiple charts on a page using data from one table.
  5. Express yourself with reactions (Confluence)
    React and engage with any page or comment with built-in or custom emojis. Reactions you create on pages and comments will also show up on your Home feed.
  6. Jira Service Management Data Center 5.0
    This release includes more accurate SLA calculations, UI improvements, Insight improvements, and security improvements.
  7. Manage pages from within Microsoft Teams (Confluence)
    Create, edit, and collaborate on Confluence content without leaving Microsoft Teams. Add Confluence Cloud from the Apps section, and manage pages directly in your chats.
  8. View Excel files (Confluence)
    The Excel Macro upgrade now displays files as embedded spreadsheets with sheet tabs that you can navigate, instead of a PDF.
  9. Capture and share learnings (Atlas)
    Record key learnings about a project and share with the broader team. Capture a learning at any time on the Learning tab of a Project.

Here are releases and updates we can expect to see next quarter:

  1. Issue collaboration on Slack & Microsoft Teams (Jira Service Management)
    Collaborate on issues through deeper integrations with Slack & Microsoft Teams. Create Slack channels or Microsoft Teams meetings for issues to collaborate and mitigate issues faster.
  2. Collaborate in Zoom to resolve issues (Jira Service Management)
    Quickly start Zoom meetings from issues to collaborate and resolve them efficiently.
  3. Freeze and maintenance windows (Jira Service Management)
    Schedule changes properly by creating freeze and maintenance windows in the Change calendar.
  4. New configurable dashboards and reports (Jira Service Management)
    New dashboards for Request, Change and Incident Management. Reports can be generated from cross-product and third party data.
  5. Improved form attachment fields (Jira Service Management)
    Allow for multiple attachment fields within a form.
  6. 35,000 user general availability (Confluence, Jira Software)
    General availability to license up to 35,000 users for Jira or Confluence.
  7. External collaboration (Confluence)
    Work securely with external contractors. The guest collaborator role ensures users can only access content and data if they are explicitly granted access to a space.

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