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7 Myths about moving to Atlassian cloud

Whether you’ve been using Atlassian for years or only a brief period, we can all agree that it’s a pretty impressive suite of tools and products.

Unfortunately, we’ve also seen first-hand customers who are still hesitant to move to Atlassian cloud due to having misconceptions like these:

  1. Atlassian cloud migration is too complex → False.
  2. Atlassian cloud and server are one and the same → Nope.
  3. Atlassian cloud is not as secure or compliant → Try again.
  4. Moving to Atlassian cloud will make my role obsolete → You’ve been duped.
  5. Atlassian cloud is slower and more likely to face downtimes → Not in this age.
  6. Big enterprises don’t use Atlassian cloud → Do pigs fly too?
  7. Migrating to Atlassian cloud is a costly project → Old news.

Never fear, we’ve put together this white paper to help explain the truths behind top Atlassian cloud myths, and help you get started on your cloud migration journey.

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