TruckShovel Calculator

Tool used in the field of mining and quarry excavation work.

The TruckShovel Calculator is a powerful and simple to use tool for hand held devices which can be used in the field.
Using a few simple controls, the TruckShovel Calculator will provide the answers to optimizing your operations for maximum profit.

Maximise profits

  • Moves focus and awareness from ‘volume moved’ to ‘maximum profit’
  • Live updates provide immediate and actionable information to assist decision making
  • Optimises trucking levels

User friendly

  • Compatible with all touchscreen handheld devices
  • Simple graphical display
  • Large, easy to use controls
  • Intuitive design minimises the need for any training

Easy to deploy

  • Easy installation and configuration
  • Does not require a network connection
  • Flexible delivery options via cloud or self hosted installations

The simplest things have the biggest effect to your bottom line.

Excessive Truck queuing results in decreased productivity and increased fuel consumption. TruckShovel Calculator provides optimisation of truck assignments in real time, minimizing truck queuing at loading and dumping locations.
Every minute a shovel or excavator is not loading truck is wasted time and money. Truck Shovel Calculator accounts for the number of trucks at each excavator, informing you of the optimum number of trucks and reducing hang time.

Return on investment

On a typical truck shovel site, a truck loses on average 66 minutes per day. An excavator loses approximately 28 minutes per day.
Using the Truck Shovel Calculator several times throughout the shift gives you the opportunity not just to stop losing time but also to optimise your profitability in real time. Think of it as a fine tuning knob for your dispatch system. Why do you want fine tuning? Imagine that by using the Truck Shovel Calculator you could prevent just 1 minute per hour of this lost time for each truck.
Assuming a basic haul truck operating cost of $300 dollars per hour that works out to $720 per day per strip saving. For 3 strips $2,160 per day or $64,800 per month and you haven’t even included the excavator hang time savings yet.

Return on investment

The initial configuration is a quick and easy process.

Admin Data Entry

Admin Data Entry

Costs, contract rates and mining schedules are easily entered or updated via the TruckShovel Calculator admin console held in a secure server environment.

How it works

Using syncronised data and basic inputs to the handheld application, the TruckShovel Calculator performs real-time calculations to optimise trucking levels and maximise profitability.

Enter Production Information

Enter Production Information

Enter the current trucking levels and hang or queue time into the TruckShovel Calculator.



The TruckShovel Calculator evaluate the entered information with contract information and informs you of strip productivity and optimum trucking levels.



Follow the suggested actions from the TruckShovel Calculator to maximise your profit.

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