‘What-if’ Analytics Case Study

On-demand access to your own data, coupled with Strategenics’ ‘what-if’ analytics solution delivers the ultimate competitive edge in modern day analytics. Get results today.

Strategenics was appointed by a large utilities provider to assist in providing a consistent and equitable pricing approach across their client base. Strategenics’ objective was to create an adaptable, ”what if” water and sewerage pricing model to inform the determination of pricing policy for the next 3 financial years.

The Strategenics Solution:

• This project involved developing visualisations based on the client’s existing research models demonstrating the flexibility, ease of use and the capability of dynamic visualisations.

• The Strategenics team developed a SQL database to store, collate and transform the base datasets.

• Our team performed specific goal seeking activities to determine the feasibility of defined price change scenarios and provided results and guidance to the client based on modelling outcomes and sensitivities in price control triggers.

• A Managed Service was established, giving the client a secure and private Spotfire environment. This provided the client with internal capability to construct additional analytics visualisations and to view and manipulate existing visualisations and models.

• This body of work was performed with a very quick turnaround under tight deadlines. It revealed incompatibilities between certain modelling inputs, the data and the desired outcome. The fast recognition of these incompatibilities allowed the modelling exercises to be brought to an earlier conclusion than would be normally possible.